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We all know that music can transcend language, race, gender, even generations. But it is most powerful when experienced live, immersed in great sound.

It’s why Flits empowers artists and fans alike, to easily go beyond the limitations of live streaming by allowing them to broadcast a music performance with high-fidelity sound, using just their smartphone.

¿But, what can Flits do for me?


Generate high quality content easily, with just your mobile device.
Deliver a more true to life experience to fans with our high fidelity sound technology.
Aggregate all your live video content in one place, on a purely music focused platform.
Flits is a strong advocate for fair artist performance compensation.
We have copyright agreements in place with a good number of PROs.
New Flits tech in development will help you better monetize live performance royalties.


Experience performances by your favorite artists in high fidelity sound.
Explore venues and unearth artists around the world not possible with
your usual discovery playlists.
See live performances that are blowing your friends minds. Watch gigs from different viewpoints within the same venue.
Build a history of your live music experiences.


Whether you’re a live venue, a festival, artist management, label, or a relevant brand, we’re always open to collaborations and partnerships. Please contact us at info@flits.live

Discover artists and live venues around the world that you normally wouldn’t have easy access to.

Whether it’s an obscure jazz artist in a basement venue in Tokyo, or an up-and-coming hip-hop artist in a small club in New York. If a flits user is there, so are you.